Intermodal transport, rail freight & and port logistics

Melanie Lüscher about The Vitality of Intermodal Transport

Indeed a very comprehensive book including everything you need to know about intermodal transport. Definitely a recommendation for anyone interested in (teaching) this topic.

Raoul van Groenewoud about about The Vitality of Intermodal Transport

The best book on intermodal transport to date. I like the book very much. Good story, easy to read and lots of vivid case studies with detailed maps. It contains everything about intermodal transport, from concepts to equipment to different influencing factors.

Martins Puris about about The Vitality of Intermodal Transport

Absolutely great piece of work. Informative, straight to the point and very well written. Enjoyed reading it. It was a great support in redesigning our supply chain.

Phillip Rabsahl about Port Economy in a Nutshell

Great piece of work! A perfect introduction into the dynamics of port logistics. The book provides a good overview on relevant topics and allows a profound decision on where to dive in further.

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