This course will introduce you to the world of intermodal and multimodal transport by rail. The content is neither new nor difficult, but complex. The key advantage of the course is a complementary mix of theory and practice that provides you with a structured approach to the rail freight industry.

“Unknown makes unloved” is also valid for rail transport. If you have not dealt with it before, you are full of prejudices and scepticism. However, once given a chance, a new world for continental and intercontinental transport will open for you beyond the limits of road and barge transport.

The course targets students from high school up to university as well as professionals from transport planners via board members of transport companies towards managers with supply chain principals. It comprises the following 10 lessons:

  • Standardisation and normalisation
  • Market organisation
  • Modal choice
  • Transport units
  • Locomotives and wagons
  • Networks
  • Planning systems
  • Calculations I
  • Calculations II
  • More complex case studies

Click on the individual lessons to find more information on their particular content.

We look forward to meeting you in class.

Frans de Jong & Hendrik Rodemann

Products that will be added:

  • One-off fee for registration
  • One-off fee for course book