Privacy Policy

Privacy policy InterRoJo Publications and Academy, brand names of Searail Consultancy B.V.
Version 01. This page was last modified on September 22nd 2021.

We are aware that you trust us. We see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page we will let you know which data we will collect, when you use our website, why we collect these data and how we will use it to improve your user experience. So you will understand exactly how we work.

This privacy policy applies to al the services of InterRoJo Academy and InterRoJo Publications. Please note that InterRoJo is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources. By using our website you let us know that you accept our privacy policy.  

InterRoJo respects the privacy of all its site users and shall ensure that the personal information that the user provides to us will be treated confidentially.

Our use of collected information / Use of our services

In case you register yourself for one of our services we ask you to provide us with you personal data. This data is necessary to execute our services towards you. This data will be stored on InterRoJo’s secured servers or the servers of a subcontracted third party. We will not combine your personal data with the data of others what is at our disposal.


In case you send us an email or other messages, it is possible that we will store it. Sometimes we will ask personal data from you which are relevant for that particular situation. This makes it possible to process your questions and to answer your requests. This data will be stored on InterRoJo’s secured servers or the servers of a subcontracted third party. We will not combine your personal data with the data of others what is at our disposal.


We collect data for research in order to understand our customers better, so we can design better services in future. This  website makes use of so-called “cookies” (text data what will be installed on your computer) to help the website analysing how the clients use the site.

We forward the pseudonymized information generated by this cookie to the secured servers of InterRoJo or the servers of a subcontracted third party. We use this information to track how the website is used, to create narrative reports about the website activities and other services related to website activities and internet use.


We will not collect or use any data for any purposes other than tose specified in this privacy policy without the data subject’s prior permission.

Third parties

We will not provide your data to other parties. In some cases your data will be shared internally but our personnel signed a non-disclosure contract to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.


This privacy policy is attuned to the use of and the possibilities on this site. Possible adjustments and/or changes of this site can lead to amendments within this Privacy Policy. It is therefore advisable to consult this privacy policy on a regular basis.

Choices for personal data

We offer all visitors the opportunity to view, change, or delete all personal information that has been provided to us up to that moment.

Customize / unsubscribe newsletter service

when we send mailing, you will find at the bottom of the mailing the possibility to modify your data or to unsubscribe.

Customize / unsubscribe communication

If you want to modify your data or have yourself taken from our files, please contact us. See the contact details below for this purpose.

Switch off “Cookies”

Most browsers are configured to allow you to accept or reject cookies as well as to indicate when a cookie is being used. Our policy is to work with as less as possible cookies and if you wish to refuse cookies, you still will have full access to our website.

Questions and feedback

We regularly check whether we still comply with this privacy policy. If you have questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us:

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Address:        Grondmolen 2
City:                2992 DD Barendrecht
Country:        Holland