General conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

Client or customer: private individual or company which purchases one or more Training Courses from InterRoJo.

Commencement date: the date on which the course or first lesson is scheduled to commence or has actually commenced. In the case of real time education this is usually the first (virtual) meeting. In case of a recorded lesson, this is usually the date on which access is provided to the InterRoJo online learning environment.
Course Duration: the duration of the Training Course as mentioned in the Program information.

End date of the Training Course: the date on which the Service period ends.
Enrolment date:  the date on which the Client enrolled for a Training Course or Module.

Extended service duration: the period by which the service duration is extended.

General terms and conditions: these general terms and conditions.
In-company-/customisation Training Course: an Training course provided by  InterRoJo for a Client in a closed environment for a group of employees to be designated by the Client.
InterRoJo: brand name of Searail Consultancy Ltd.

Price: the total price for (a part of) the Training Course, including all additional costs and taxes.
Program Information: information about the Training Course as published on and/or as listed in one of the study guides.

Registration: an application submitted by a Client and confirmed by InterRoJo for the purchase of and/or participation in a Course, resulting in a Study Agreement between the Client and InterRoJo.

Service hours: the period during which the Client is entitled to service and access to the online digital learning environment
Start-up costs: the costs incurred by InterRoJo in advance for the implementation of the Study Agreement, including but not limited to administrative costs, IT-costs, marketing costs and staff costs.
Student: a natural person who follows the Training Course.

Study Agreement: an agreement between a Client and InterRoJo relating to the provision of a Training Course by InterRoJo, whether or not for the benefit of that Client’s employees.

Training Course: a by InterRoJo arranged education, training, course or workshop what can be followed online, individually or in a group.
Training material:  study materials, materials and related articles for the purpose of (following) a Training Course.

 Article 2 – Offer

  1. InterRoJo’s offer contains a full and accurate description of the Training Course and/or of the Training Materials which form part of the Training Course.
  2. The offer shall in any case clearly and comprehensibly state the following details:
  3. when the Training Course starts;
  4. the entry requirements for participation in the Training Course;
  5. the fee including all additional fees and taxes;
  6. the method of payment;
  7. the study and service duration;
  8. the identity and address of InterRoJo;
  9. the right of the Client to terminate the Study Agreement within 14 calendar days in accordance with Article 6.

Article 3 – Formation of a Study agreement

  1. By registering for a Training Course, the Client enters into a Study Agreement with InterRoJo for the agreed duration of the study and declares that the Client agrees with the General Terms and Conditions as stated here.
  2. Enrolment for a Training Course takes place via the Website of InterRoJo.
  3. The Study Agreement is concluded as soon as acceptance of the offer by the Client has reached InterRoJo and InterRoJo has confirmed receipt thereof. Confirmation takes place immediately after registration by e-mail.
  4. Meeting any entry requirements for a Training Course is not a condition for concluding the Study Agreement. The Study Agreement will be concluded even if the admission requirements are not met.
  5. The Client is not entitled to transfer the rights and obligations arising from the Study Agreement to a third party without written permission from InterRoJo.

Article 4 – Price

  1. The costs of the Training Course, the method of payment and any other additional costs are stated in the Program Information.
  2. For companies and institutions, InterRoJo can make a specific training offer for an In-company/Customised Training. This offer replaces the price information as mentioned in the Training Information on the website.
  3. All amounts mentioned by InterRoJo are inclusive of VAT for private individuals and exclusive of VAT for companies.

Article 5 – Payment

  1. InterRoJo is entitled to ask third parties to check the creditworthiness of a Client who has applied for the Training Course. This may affect the payment conditions offered.
  2. Payment of the Price takes place whether:
    1. By invoice, whereby the due date must be respected. InterRoJo uses a payment term of 14 days or
    2. In advance by direct payment upon registration on the website.
  3. The Client is legally in default without any additional notice of default being required from the date on which the applicable payment term has expired and the invoice amount owed has not been paid in full. InterRoJo will then send the Client a payment reminder, after which the Client can still pay within the term mentioned therein. If the Client has not paid the invoice amount owing after this deadline, InterRoJo may disconnect the Client from online access to the training programme.
  4. Any extrajudicial or judicial collection costs will be borne by the Client. With regard to the amount of the (extra)judicial collection costs, a connection will be made to the applicable legal regulations.
  5. Private Clients always pay in advance when booking on the website.


Article 6 – Right of withdraw

  1. If the Client is a private person, the Client may dissolve the contract within 14 calendar days after it was concluded, without giving reasons (right of withdrawal).
  2. The Client (as mentioned in art. 6.1) exercises the right of withdrawal by sending an unambiguous declaration within this period by post, fax or email that the Study Agreement is to be dissolved.
  3. After receipt of the request for dissolution by InterRoJo, the Client has 14 days to return any Articles received, including Training Materials, postage paid. InterRoJo will refund any paid tuition fee as soon as possible, within 14 days after termination of the Study Agreement and after receiving the returned Training Materials.
  4. Returns will only be accepted if the Training Materials are in their original condition. This means undamaged and undescribed, complete, only handled as reasonably necessary for inspection and in the original packaging. If these conditions are not met, InterRoJo will not accept the return shipment and the Client is obliged to compensate a depreciation in value to be determined by InterRoJo.

Article 7 – Consequences of failure to comply with obligations

  1. If the Client does not (fully) comply with one or more obligations arising from the agreement or the General Terms and Conditions, InterRoJo is entitled to suspend its obligations and to interrupt or ultimately terminate the Training Course.
  2. The consequences of interrupting the Training Course, as referred to in Article 7.1, are for the account and risk of the Client. These consequences may include denying access to the online learning environment, making Training Materials or updates thereof unavailable, discontinuing the tutor support and making it impossible to take exams.
  3. The following will apply upon termination of the Programme as referred to in Article 7.1:
    1. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, InterRoJo will no longer have any obligations towards the Client.
    2. If the Course referred to in Article 7.1 is terminated prematurely, the conditions of article 10 shall apply.
    3. The terminated Training Course cannot be resumed. A Client wishing to continue the Training Course shall be required to re-enrol.
  4. The fact that the Client is in default does not mean that the agreement between the Client and InterRoJo is terminated.

Article 8 – Study and service duration

  1. The Study Agreement will end automatically upon the expiry of the Service hours as set out at the time of your enrolment; the mutual rights and obligations will cease to exist at the time that the Study Agreement ends.
  2. The Course Duration is indicated in the Program Information on and on the confirmation of registration.
  3. The Service hours is equal to the Course Duration plus the period by which it may have been extended.

Article 9 – Exams

  1. If desired, a Training Course can be concluded with an exam.
  2. With the consent, support and assessment of the University of Applied Sciences or the Research University concerned, an exam or questions for an exam may be an integral and accepted part of a Training Course of a University of Applied Sciences or a Research University.
  3. The University remains fully responsible for the quality of the exam questions.

Article 10 – Cancellation or early termination of the Study Agreement

If the right of withdrawal (Art. 6) no longer applies to private Clients, cancellation or early termination of the Study Agreement is no longer possible.

Companies may cancel or terminate the Study Agreement prematurely subject to the following conditions:

  1. if cancelled up to the start of the Training Course the costs are: 100% of the enrolment fee;
  2. in the event of cancellation after the start of the Study Programme the

costs are: 100% of the total cost of the Training Course.

If the Client terminates the Study Agreement prematurely due to a serious illness or calamity, as a result of which the Client or his employee is unable to continue the Training Course, the Client may request InterRoJo in writing, stating reasons, to adjust the costs determined by InterRoJo, whereby InterRoJo may require proof in the form of a medical certificate or otherwise.

Article 11 – Execution online teaching

  1. InterRoJo is entitled to change the schedule of the Program in terms of time. InterRoJo may also deviate from the Commencement Date stated in the Program Information for planning reasons. Where appropriate, InterRoJo may adjust the number of lessons with a minimum of one per module.
  2. In the event that a teacher is ill or unable to attend, InterRoJo will make every effort to provide an equivalent replacement. If replacement is not possible, InterRoJo will inform the Students as soon as possible. The meeting will then be rescheduled if possible. Cancellation of a teacher or meeting does not entitle the student to compensation or restitution of tuition fees and does not entitle the student to catch up with the meeting, not even when InterRoJo gains any advantage from this due to force majeure.
  3. The modules can be real-time or recorded. This depends on the subject, difficulty level and planning. The real-time modules are always recorded and can replace older versions. When the modules are recorded, a question time is scheduled. After each module, there is always an opportunity for written questions.
  4. The real-time modules are scheduled for the entire programme and cannot be caught up on. However, the recorded modules are put on the website so that the Student can catch up on the module concerned.
  5. The Student keeps access to the lessons and digital environment until 2 months after the last module.


Article 12 – Intellectual property rights

  1. The intellectual property rights to Training Materials produced by InterRoJo, regardless of the form in which these are delivered (in print, digital or otherwise) remain at all times with InterRoJo.
  2. The use of Training Materials and access to the online learning environment of InterRoJo, other than for one’s own study, is not permitted, nor is the sale or transfer thereof to third parties.

Article 13 – Studying from abroad

InterRoJo will, when they have Students residing abroad in the Training Course, take the time differences into account as much as possible, but cannot guarantee this.

Article 14 – Liability InterRoJo

  1. In the event that the Client (and/or one or more of his employees) suffers damage, InterRoJo’s liability is in all cases limited to compensation for direct damage (liability for indirect damage – for example consequential damage, damage caused by delay, loss of profit and loss of turnover – is therefore excluded). Furthermore, the scope of the obligation to pay compensation shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client in (or with regard to) the academic year in which the damage-causing event took place. Under no circumstances shall the compensation obligation of InterRoJo exceed the amount which is actually paid out to InterRoJo by its insurer.
  2. InterRoJo is not liable in any way whatsoever for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from incorrect or incomplete information/recommendations/advice provided in connection with the Training. This includes, among other things: the information/recommendations/advice provided by the instructor or via the Training Materials, the brochure or any other work arising from or related to the Training Course.
  3. InterRoJo reserves the right to refuse, suspend and/or remove a Client in special circumstances. Clients who do not behave according to the social norm, who show aggressive or violent behaviour or who commit fraud may be suspended or removed from the Training Course.
  4. The liability of InterRoJo also extends to all persons for whom InterRoJo is responsible (such as persons employed by InterRoJo or who have been appointed by InterRoJo for the execution of the Study Agreement).
  5. The Client guarantees that his employees for whom the Course has been taken have accepted the above-mentioned limitations of liability and indemnifies InterRoJo against any claims by those employees.

Article 15 – Personal data

InterRoJo processes various forms of personal data provided by the Customer on a daily basis. For the careful handling and protection of this data, InterRoJo acts in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (In Dutch: Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming = AVG). The data processing and rights of the persons involved are further explained in the Privacy Policy of the InterRoJo.

Article 16 – Amendment General Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the conditions of registration may be changed by the InterRoJo. Amendments will be announced at least ten calendar days before they come into effect, by means of personal notification or general publication on the InterRoJo website.

Article 17 – Dispute settlement

  1. The study agreement shall be governed by Dutch law.
  2. Disputes between the (employee of the) Client and InterRoJo regarding the conclusion or execution of the Study Agreement may be submitted by either the Client or InterRoJo to the Private Education Institutions Disputes Committee, Bordewijklaan 46, PO Box 90 600, 2509 LP The Hague (
  3. The Disputes Committee will only deal with a dispute if the Client has first submitted his complaint to InterRoJo and if this has not led to a satisfactory solution for both parties.
  4. A dispute must be submitted to the Disputes Committee within twelve months of the dispute arising.
  5. A fee is payable for the handling of a dispute.
  6. When the Client submits a dispute to the Disputes Committee, InterRoJo is bound by this choice.
  7. If InterRoJo wishes to submit a dispute to the Disputes Committee, it must first ask the Client in writing to state within five weeks whether he agrees to this. InterRoJo must also announce that after the aforementioned period has elapsed, InterRoJo deems itself free to submit the dispute to the ordinary court.
  8. The Disputes Committee decides in accordance with the provisions of the regulations applicable to it. The decision of the Disputes Committee is in the form of a binding advice.