Intermodal transport, rail freight & and port logistics

By whom

Who is InterRojo Academy?

InterRojo Academy is a cooperation of InterRoJo and the information platform Rail Cargo. The cooperation was founded in 2021 and aims at increasing the knowledge about (intermodal) transport by rail. This shall be achieved through a combination of an e-learning programme provided by Frans de Jong and Hendrik Rodemann and guest lectures from the network of Rail Cargo.

For whom

Who should sign up for the academy?

InterRojo Academy welcomes all who are interested in (intermodal) transport by rail. The academy has been especially built for:


  • Students from Universities of Applied Sciences and Research Universities.
  • Young professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills around rail freight transport.
  • Professionals in the field of supply chain and logistics who aim at keeping their knowledge updated.
  • Entrepreneurs who seek detailed insights in rail freight transport, together with the latest developments and technologies available in the market.

Our Courses

InterRoJo Academy

Your goals

What is in it for you?

The offered programmes help you to develop an in-depth understanding of (intermodal) railway transport at strategic, tactical and operational level and to explore the importance of rail transport within the wider environment of logistics and supply chain management.

After completing the programmes, you will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements within transportation.
  • Compare rail freight with other modes of transport.
  • Recognize the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of rail transport compared to other modes of transport.
  • Choose the right concept and mode of transport for a particular cargo flow.
  • Recognize the advantages of combining transport and storage costs in decision making.
  • Make economic trade-offs between intermodal and multimodal concepts.
  • Assess rail freight concepts regarding flexibility and reliability.
  • Master the complexities of rail freight transport across interconnected supply networks and relationships with various supply chain parties.
  • Define the necessary rules for specific cargo flow to come to an optimum solution based on flexibility, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.


How does InterRoJo Academy work?

InterRoJo Academy offers complete courses that are made up of individual lessons. The lessons are taught in English and Dutch as well as in German (upon request). To meet your needs in the best possible way, you can either sign up for an entire course or tailor the learning content by selecting individual lessons only.

After registration we provide you with the course book by mail and you get access to our e-learning platform to obtain further digital study material (e.g. recordings and presentations) that is customized based on your selection of courses / lessons. To guarantee maximum flexibility, you can access the platform and study material anytime.

Should you have questions on the learning content, approach us via the contact form and we come back to you as soon as possible.

At times, live lectures are held that allow immediate interaction with the lecturer or guest speaker. We inform you about any scheduled live lecture that is relevant for your choice of courses or lessons. Any live lecture held will be recorded and subsequently made available to you via our e-learning platform.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. Looking forward to other logistics related courses from this academy.


The courses allowed me to develop my knowledge regarding intermodal transport and its importance in global transportation networks. It also deepened my understanding of interconnections between rail transport and other modes.


I am taking over a freight forwarding company that directs large flows of goods. I want to get many of those flows off the road and the knowledge I have gained will certainly help.

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