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Intermodal transport, rail freight & and port logistics

InterRoJo is an education provider for logistics and supply chain management and offer study books and e-learning programmes in the areas of intermodal transport, rail freight and port logistics.

About the owners

Frans de Jong

Is owner of Unify, Unirail and Uniway Ltd in Bulgaria and is a retired teacher of Breda University in Breda, the Netherlands.

Where he taught physical distribution related subjects like intermodal transport, port logistics, transport systems and transport management. He has 29 years of experience in various jobs within rail freight transport and was Business Unit Manager of intermodal transport at Vos logistics. Frans gives guest lectures worldwide and advises both public and private authorities. Frans is an expert in rail-, shortsea-, barge-, truck transports with an emphasis on bulk logistics, port logistics and supply-chain solutions.

Hendrik Rodemann

Studied logistics and supply chain management at NHTV Breda in the Netherlands and at Cranfield University in England.

His expertise is in the field of contract logistics and supply chain management across industries such as automotive, chemicals, FMCG and tech. Hendrik has work experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. He is currently working in the supply chain development centre of a global logistics company.

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Interrojo is a brandname of Searail Consultancy.